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Use the below simple form, to select the ‘must haves’ the potential options and things you would like to see on your camper. Our team will then send over a price breakdown for your consideration. Remember, ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ are equally important in your dream conversion!

What’s The Plan?


Fill in the form on this page, selecting an item in each section, to allow us to accurately quote you for your dream conversion!


We will produce and send a full quotation, for your conversion. We will itemise all of the additional aspects for you, so you can consider adding or removing items to suit your taste and budget.


We will send revised quotations once you have decided on your finished build spec! We do not ‘sell’ to you, so you can relax knowing that you have all of the information & if you decide to proceed, we’d love to welcome you to the Tribe.


Just give us the green light and we will get you booked in! Then the fun bit starts, picking colour schemes and finishes. Don’t panic, there are a lot of options to choose from but our design team will be there to help at every step of the way.

*Please note, these prices are only valid when they are selected as a part of a full conversion. Prices listed below are fully fitted and including VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Choose your options

    Solar Power

    Select if you would like a solar panel setup fitting to your camper?

    Heating Options

    You can have heating installed for your habitation area.

    Insulation Options

    We offer 3 levels of insulation. We recommend at least level 1 to give your camper better thermal properties however it is possible not to fit insulation as we do use lining carpet that has some thermal properties.

    Power Outlet Options

    At the rear of your furniture (next to the back doors) there is the opportunity to have additional sockets fitted, allowing power to run from the rear of the vehicle. Ideal for lights outside, or perhaps for running power into your awning without trailing cables over your worktop.

    Perhaps you would like another place to plug your phone in at night, at the rear of your bed?

    Gas BBQ

    The option to piggyback your LPG gas system with a nice hidden LPG gas BBQ point, at the rear of your vehicle. This allows you to cook outside without having to bring additional gas bottles with you!

    Front Seats Configuration

    Select your front seating configuration, to suit your needs.

    Upholstery Options

    Select what type of seating upholstery you require.

    Awning Options

    A nice addition to your camper, giving you the option to add a drive away awning or sun canopy onto your van!

    There are so many options, give us an idea of your plans and we will send some examples over for you to consider.

    Roof Finish

    You can decide how you would like the roof of your van to be finished! We personally prefer to have the roof colour matched to the vehicle, so it looks nice and subtle when in 'everyday driving' mode.

    2 Tone Paintwork

    We work with an industry leading bodyshop, to offer 2 tone paintwork. You can literally choose ANY colour to become the bottom half of your van. It is a real throwback to the 60's campers & is always a really popular finish.

    Alloy Wheel Options

    Sound System

    You can add additional audio hardware to your build, to allow your passengers to listen in comfort! As the van does not have any rear audio as standard this is an option to add rear speaker into your finished vehicle.

    If you would like to add additional items that are not listed above, please add them in here for our consideration!

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