Where possible Tribe Campers utilise the industries available, fully approved components. Whether you are talking about a bed, roof or perhaps swivel seats, the focus is ALWAYS on quality and safety. Safety is Tribe’s main focus & thankfully our suppliers offer some of the most visually pleasing and safety focused product options.

The Roof

The Aurora roof is produced by Skyline Roofs in Somerset, UK. Benefiting from a latch down (strapless) locking system, railed canvas application, large scenic canvas, a low profile roof (Cad designed to the body) and a one piece design. A fully TUV approved roof with a 5 year warranty. UK market leaders in Safety and with Full TUV Approval for their T5/6 roofs, Skyline are also ISO9001 rated.

The Rear Seats / Bed

The rear seating and bed system in all Tribe builds utilise the SCOPEMA RIB Altair 112. Made in France we firmly believe this is one of the best options available anywhere in Europe.

The benchseat easily transforms in sleeping with unlocking handle.
The curved sitting and backrest turns inside to obtain a flat sleeping.
Integrated headrests (adjustable height)
Integrated 3D matress pad for a more comfortable nights sleep.
Top Tether Isofix system, integrated into the seat.

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We fit the RIB beds with a Kiravans RIB bed fitting kit. The Kiravans RIB Seat fitting system has been pull tested with a 112cm RIB seat, in-vehicle, to the latest EC safety standards at STATUS Lab and witnessed by TUV Deutschland. Note: The Kiravans system has not been homologated by UTAC or TUV. It will not be possible to get your vehicle homologated in France or Germany with this system.

The Front Seats / Swivel Seats

When fitting swivel seats there are 2 options, single seats or double seats. A lot of our sourced vehicles come with VW factory installed swivel seats which is naturally very high quality, but when we need to retrofit swivel functionality to existing seats we want to ensure we use the highest quality components available.

For double seats, we fit the Kiravans Double Seat Swivel system. The Kiravans double seat swivel has passed all the requirements of TUV Deutschland. This involved ‘in-vehicle’ pull testing and a SLED test in Germany. In the UK it has passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met Uni) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC. Kiravans are an ISO 9001 approved company which ensures that these swivels are manufactured in a similarly approved facility.

For single seat swivels, we utilise the SCOPEMA RIB brand again, due to the high quality nature of these products. The swivel range we use have achieved European TUV safety approval.